Badgers hollow

'Badgers Hollow', is the largest of our two custom built yurts.  The 18ft yurt with a clear crown cover and windows, is spacious and suits group sizes of up to four adults.  


Set on it's elevated platform, it boasts its own rustic kitchen and private 'chill out' area with outstanding views down over the site towards Cudden Point and Acton Castle.  


The 'big brother' of the two yurts, its just that little bit bigger all round.  With so many comforts and added extras, truly a home away from home and a holiday to remember.

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Fox Field

Fox Field is the smaller of our two yurts, at 16ft, its perfect for couples, lone travellers or families with small cubs.  

Situated on the campsite itself, 'Fox Field' also has a dedicated outside area with picnic table, sun loungers and fire pit.  

Alongside is an all weather event shelter with the option for power.

Both yurts come with amazing little wood burners capable of making the evening truly memorable.  Imagine laying in bed and listening to crackle and pop of a wood fire, immersed in nature.


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